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Was it a dream or an idea?

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The premise is ingenious, and Inception is able to live off its sheer mind-bendiness for the first hour. Dom is a specialist at entering people's minds and extracting, or in this case, planting information. The dreamworld is so exciting and unpredictable, that the audience couldn't care less about the actual story line. Here’s a few problems I find with this genre. Was the whole movie a dream? Or a dream about a dream? Or a parallel universe where people dream about dreaming? I was completely drawn into the initial plot and found it to be engaging. I didn’t really care about the action scenes, because I was too engrossed in trying to figure out the deeper meaning. I enjoyed the twenty-minute side shows of car crashes and gun fights but found them to be irrelevant in the bigger picture. I am guessing for some people who don’t want to use their brain, that a good old fashion explosion will suffice. I recently watched Leonardo in Shutter Island and wondered if maybe two movies from the same actor of the same genre would be too much. The only thing that Inception had over it were the action scenes. I felt like maybe it was too much of the same thing. What I did enjoy was Dom’s passion to return to what was important- his children. Themes of guilt, redemption and loss played well to the audience. Really, in the big sceme of things, what really matters in life was returning to them. I know that some people were drawn to the semi-love story between Dom and Mal, as sick as their relationship appeared to be. He seemed to genuinely love her in spite of whatever wacked out stuff he may have planted in her head. The multi-layered themes appeared like a smorgasbord for the audience. What are you looking for? It’s in there. The names assigned to each character were an interesting attempt to help the viewer navigate the maze. As I looked a little deeper, it was like peeling an onion. I am not convinced that when I reach the end that there will be anything left but an idea.

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