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Unbelievably horrible movie

Reviewed by neko1098

I was actually not even that excited to watch this movie--I had full expectations that it would suck. But guess what? It surprised me! It was worse than I thought it would be!

Is that even possible? I didn't think so!

The, I would rather just put the movie on mute. It would increase the rating by a star! The voices grate on my nerves, the expressions aren't believable, the words are from a cartoon, etc etc.

The plot was some christian, something about the world ending crap. I didn't even understand what was going on...That could be just me. However, the movie is about three different "groups" of people meeting up and "saving" the world. But I don't think the movie editors realized that no one could understand that the movie was a piece of shit. Seriously, I can't even form in words how terrible the movie was.

Just that everything about it was crap.

Crappy enough that I go online, register for this website just so I could review about it.

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