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The boy in the striped pyjamas.

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In the WWII Bruno lives in Berlin, his father is a Nazi-commander. Bruno’s live is very easy because he doesn’t know exactly what war means. The only thing he knows is Jewish people are bad and his father is a hero who fights against the Jews. When his father gets promotion they have to move to another house. The new house is very close to a concentration camp. One day Bruno escapes from the house and explores the forest around the house. When he gets near the concentration camp, he thinks it’s a farm and all those people are farmers. When Bruno meets a Jew named Shmuel he is very confused because Shmuel isn’t bad or mean but a nice boy of his age. When Shmuel’s father disappears, Bruno decides to help Shmuel and he enters the concentration camp.

My opinion: It's a nice movie, because you see the story through the eyes of a boy who's eight years old and who doesn’t see the danger and cruelty in the concentration camp. This movie also shows the unreasonable action against the Jewish people, like a Jewish doctor who has to peal potatoes.

I would recommend this movie to more mature people, because there wasn’t that much action at the end as I expected.

The actor who played Bruno was nominated for best new person to play in movies, but he didn’t win, which I think is a shame.

By student from lauwerscollege buitenpost (TB)

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