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Is a British crime film directed by Guy Ritchie

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The movie is about four friends that put 100.000 pounds together to eddy, a card player to pay the entree fee to a dangerous card game. Eddy is a card genius, so all his friends trust him. but at the end of the game eddy lost all money and owed to the owner 500.000 pounds, and they only have 1 week to get and pay the money. the four are very concerned because Barry ( owner) is so dangerous. the only the thing they do in the movie is trying to get the money, but there is something fun, at the same time four diferent stories are being carried out and at the end all of these get together. I don´t wanna give away the ending. I just wanna say that is a great movie, you´re gonna enjoy it. I´m sure

it´s filled with nice action scenes with action scenes with a black humor something normal in a british. really fun. it doesn´t have message, it is empty but it´s gonna be a good option, it doesn´t matter you have something to do, you will forget it.

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