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I only stopped laughing to cheer

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We caught a midnight show of this, and it was the most original and enjoyable movie I've seen in a very long time. For those not familiar with the general plot: Scott falls for a cute girl named Ramona, and later learns that he can only date her if he defeats her "seven evil exes" in battle.

The movie effortlessly and playfully moves between reality, video-game surrealism, dream surrealism, and media-based effects (e.g., mimicking a sitcom or a "Pop-Up Video" effect). One moment the characters are walking, the next they're passing through a metaphorical door into their conversation, and as they return there's a clearly-labeled video-game leveled challenge. This is ballsy -- if done poorly, it would've come across as gimmicky and stupid, but Wright pulls it off brilliantly, transitioning seamlessly between styles as if he were merely recording alternating lines of dialogue.

The movie is absolutely hilarious, with plenty of internal self-reference, tons of classic tropes and cliches (with "lampshades hung" on them to make it clear that the homage is out of love), and some of the best deadpan deliveries I've seen (though, oddly enough, not from Cera). Wright's expert sense of comic timing shines through here -- I never thought I'd hear an entire audience laughing so hard at a guy pausing to tie his shoe.

The comedy only pauses for the fights, which are SO insanely over-the-top that you can't even attempt to take them seriously. Seriously, even for a video game, these are pretty crazy! Just sit back and accept that keyboard riffs can become dragons, that veganism gives you super powers, and that you can hit a guy hard enough to turn him into shiny coins. (Ooh, neat! Power-up!)

This movie definitely isn't for everyone, but if the above sounds like a good time to you, you will LOVE it. I already want to see it about a half-dozen more times.

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