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This movie may be one of the best Pixar Animation films you're going to see. This fun-packed adventure between two future robots will have you craving to see what's going to happen next.

Wall E is one of many robots who is designed as a trash compactor 800 years from now. During that time, the Earth is overrun by mountains of trash, and it is Wall E's job to neatly pile the trash and keep it out of the way of the human race. No humans remain on Earth, for they have created a home away from home in outter space. Wall E is left on Earth alone with a pet cockroach, and he has no idea that he can stop his job.
Wall E remains lonely until one day, an unexpected spaceship lands in his territory.

This movie will have you smiling and laughing at the cute little robot trying to find the missing space in his robotic heart.

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