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My main complaints may only be a function of my slightly advanced age -- first off, some movies simply don't work well (in the case of "Gravity", not at all) in 3D. I had the same problem with the re-release of "Titanic" in the murky underwater scenes, where the luminosity is cut down by the 3D glasses by about 20%. Same problem with an outer space flick, repeatedly removing and replacing the specs, trying to decide which I preferred to get the most out of it; eventually I settled on not wearing them. Also, the "get-up-and-turn-the-volume-down" syndrome plagued me for much of the film, while other critical scenes like setup at the very beginning were little more than a whisper, leaving me with a slew of unanswered questions such as, the voices laughing at her (from the Chinese station?). Perhaps Imax would have been much better.

Nice tho that director Cuaron focused on palatable science fiction featuring present-day technology, and no scary aliens.

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