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Very thrilling and not what many people expect it to be

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This movie strikes me as similar to Cannibal Holocaust. Both have very bad reputations, and it seems people over exaggerate certain aspects.

In Cannibal Holocaust, it was the animal cruelty.

In Human Centipede, it was the scat.

The movie revolves around a mad doctor, who surgically attaches three people together. Ass to mouth. Meaning that the one in front is free, the one in the middle has her mouth attached to his rear, and the one in the back has her mouth attached to the middle one's rear.

They all share one digestive track. Yes, the front one takes a shit and the middle one has to swallow it.

That initially made me reluctant to watch, but I did anyway.

The movie did not focus on anyone having to swallow feces. It focused on the horror and the trapped feeling the victims had.

They were unable to walk, due to the surgery also taking away part of the knee, and were attached to each other. It was extremely hard for them to get around at all.

Being stitched together was not the only time anyone felt trapped. There were many scenes where the doctor stalked people relentlessly and threatened them. Sitting there watching, I could feel myself tense up and relate to the situation.

Everyone says it's like 2girls1cup, but you never see any of the feces. There is only one scene where you know the girl is having to swallow it right there. I never really felt like it was actually happening.

For the rest of the movie, yes, the actors are naked except for bandages over the parts they were operated on. This isn't done for sexiness. The doctor sees them as his new pet, he even treats them as such. You never even see the whole front view of one of the girls chests. You only see it from the side, and normally their arms are in the way.

No, this is not like 2girls1cup. No one is spreading shit all over their naked bodies and having each other lick it off.

There is so much more going on that sometimes you forget the disgusting part of being attached. At the very end, the only left alive is the girl in the middle. She's stuck in the house, with no way to leave and no way to eat.

I initially started watching thinking this movie was going to be stupid and I was going to hate it, much like I thought about Cannibal Holocaust. Also like Cannibal Holocaust, I ended up thinking it wasn't bad. It was very intense and very scary. More psychological horror than cheap jump scenes.

Just because you think this is a good movie, doesn't mean you have a scat fetish. Give it a try, especially if you're into horror.

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Something to look deeper into *spoilers*

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Seeing the trailer for Splice, I knew it would be something totally different. I had read a few reviews on the movie, but was still not quite sure what to expect. The small bits that got my attention gave me a different idea of what would happen, than what actually happened.

As with other films, I walked in with a totally open mind. I had to keep some part of myself wary of inappropriate scenes to shield my sister and cousin from.

Most people think it's a smut film about a human-creature hybrid. Some think it's a rip off of an alien movie. I saw it as an understanding about what life is. Even though Dren (the creature) was artificially born and was different from anything ever seen before, she still needed love and care to survive. Being kept hidden for her life gave her few ideas of how she was supposed to behave. A part of her felt compassion for the cat she found and kept, loving it and needing its affection towards her. When she had it taken away, I could see a part of her was torn to pieces. Something most people do not understand about that scene, is that she did not kill the cat because she was a monster or heartless, she was getting back at the person who hurt her by taking it away. Since she had never seen death before, she most likely did not understand the consequences of killing a living thing. To her, it was like breaking a toy that got taken away and given back, out of anger.

One of the more controversial scenes was based on sexual intercourse. In the beginning, Dren had watched her "parents" making love. Based on how intently she was watching, she had no idea what it was and was curious. Later, when she is older, and more matured, she starts to have romantic feelings for her "father". The reason for this is that he was the only one who was kind to her throughout her life in the barn. It would be natural for her to have feelings, especially since she would know that he was not her biological father. She begins to seduce him, most likely having feelings she has never felt before. This is another link to her human self. Even though she is still not 100% human, she has human emotions and has entered puberty. Most of her life is empty, so it is not strange that she would want love and compassion from someone who treats her kindly.

As for Clive, her "father", he begins to see her in a more human-like way. Her feelings and actions show that she is more capable of emotions than normal animals. It is possible he felt that she needed love returned, or that he saw a small bit of Elsa (the "mother", and his girlfriend) inside of Dren.

When Clive returns Dren's feelings, she advances for him and begins intercourse. He complies and the act is done. Elsa walks in and feels sickened by what she sees. In her mind, at that moment, Dren is nothing more than an animalistic-creature. She might not see Dren as humanly as Clive does.

In the end, Dren changes gender which is a strong symbol for maturing and going through puberty. It can change a person completely, even turning them into a monster-like person. In Dren's case, she/he was a literal monster, killing Clive, and impregnating Elsa before finally dying.

What is the message in this movie? Do not tamper with God's creations? Look deeper for the emotions in even an un-human-like person? There are many to be considered, and this story is not one to take lightly and not look deeper into.

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