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Not up to the hype it put on

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No doubt this movie had a lot going into the box-office. The trailers were intense and the actors were great, but the movie did not come up to par. The remake of the 1981 film "Clash of the Titans" (which carries the same title) just wasn't what I expected going into it. I thought I was going to be amazed and come out of the movie saying "wow!" That factor, however, just wasn't there. Although the movie was entertaining I had to look at my watch a couple of times to see how much time was left. The special effects, I have to say, were pretty dang good. The acting however, could've been much better especially with Liam Neeson playing Zeus and Sam Worthington playing Perseus. Sam did a great job and really showed the emotion of the character well, but other than him....... Hollywood has done much better. The biggest disappointment of the whole movie was the final battle scene. Throughout the whole movie the battles were pretty descent and full, but the last one was a joke. Perseus miraculously defeats the greatest titan and the powerful Hades in about 3 minutes. What should have been the best part, makes me say that this movie is only a two out of five star movie.

If you like Greek Mythology, go ahead and see the movie, but if you're not, don't waste your money because most likely you'll come out disappointed.

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