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overall a good film

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When Bilbo baggings a quiet sensible hobbit of bags end is visited by the adventure seeking wizard Gandalf he is visited by 13 dwarfs unexpectedly wanting Bilbo to join them on there quest to claim back the village that thorin oakenshields father owned many years ago before a dragon invaded has has not left since. When Bilbo awoke he thought his meetings with the gastly dwarfs was all and unpleasent dream untill he found the contract of being the burglar on there adventure. After thought Bilbo signed the contract agreeing to come and join them. After meeting with vicious bloodthirsty Orcs Bilbo and co. Thought that is was not a good idea for a simple hobbit to claim back the dangerous village.soon the find radaghast the brown a simple wizard who preferred the company of nature rather that man.h tells them that a dark magic has fell soon the spiders and cave trolls have been sighted after dark. After radaghast found a sword that could not of been found as it was from the land of the dead Gandalf mislead the group into the beautiful land of rivendale home of the elves. After meeting with the white wizard at rivendale Bilbo and co.decide to go without Gandalf.soon after a long trek they find a cave to sleep in only to find that it was the front doorstep to the trolls cave.bilbo gets seperated from the others when they were carried away by trolls and falls down a crater. There is where he met golum and he stole the ring of mount doom and escaped with the others.after saving thorins life when he charged at the pale orc Bilbo is considered as one of the group at last they get closer to the mountain and you see the dragon and the end.a great film for any lord of the ring fan the only downside is that thw finall part will be release in three years.

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