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Left in Awe

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Have you ever watched a film and wondered what went through the mind of the one that turned an idea into a film? Have you ever sat in awe after watching a brilliant movie? Well in my case, the answer would be yes for both.

Though I can tell every reader what the movie is all about; that would either give you a perception on the movie without having you go see it, in turn giving you either high hopes in the movie that you may not enjoy, or really agreeing fully with what I have said; or, you may not understand the my explanation of the movie and not want to go watch it based on that. Well that is not why I am writing this review. I am simply writing this based on the fact that I was left in awe when I was done with Inception, therefore I will rather give my review and not write so much on what to expect from the movie.

I have never really bothered giving an opinion on a film, but a film such as this, deserves not only a great review, but an award for brilliancy. If you were to watch the movie, it would not be advisable to watch it with an unclear mind; neither would it be suited for an individual that is unimaginative and is merely looking for a film for entertainment or to pass time by. The film is incredibly complex, which leads me to believe, that there may be some individuals that would have to watch it more than once to fully grasp the idea and in it, the complexity itself.

As you begin to watch the film, you feel that it may be a film that you going to end up hating as you do not fully understand it at first, but as it unfolds, you begin to realize the ideology behind the creators of the film and soon find yourself engrossed, not only in the special effects but the complexity and theme of the film. It makes you think of dreams itself and how in depth the creators have gone as far as research is concerned. Many statements in the movie would leave you in wonder at the fact that it may have happened to you as an individual many a time. Though some concepts may be far fetched, the fact that the mind is something no man or machine could ever fully understand will always stand true.

And this is what the creators have fed the story on; on this very fact! For if you watch the film you soon realize that they could have stretched the movie on for as long as they wanted to, it’s only the limitations of what we “believe” to be our limits, which would stop them from carrying on. Well there’s that and there’s the fact that no body would really want to watch a movie that went on forever. In any case, by the end of the movie, you would probably be questioning yourself as to whether your life is really real and if you really not in just a thought. While that may be going to deep in thought, it’s just something that may cross your mind.

So are you really living your life, or is all this just a dream?

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