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Bad, but not that bad

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I have been a fan of the series since it was shown on TV. People are making a big deal about the names, who cares. What I had a problem with was the fact that 1.)when the benders were bending, the elemtents didnt flow well with their motions and 2.) the movie felt rushed. Craming 20 episodes into a movie is a difficult task, but to only be 103 minutes is a slap to Avatars face. They cut out so many importants experiances and by the end of the movie it still seems as if Aang, Sokka, and Katarra were still strangers to one another. Also, the director did a poor job in portraying the brother sister rivalry of Zuko and his sister. The spirit world in the movie was un-Godly terrible (no pun intended). They had Aang only talking to one dragon spirit that didnt even exist in the series when Asng incountered many spirits includeing his past life that wasnt even mentioned in the movie. I am looking forward to Book 2: Earth (if they make it, but this time they had better get there S*** straight.

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