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Calm Down Avatar Fans

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I love, let me reiterate that, LOVE the animated series. By the end of it I remembered every episode by name number and what happened (as many of you avid fans did). When I heard there was a movie making deal, I was excited!

About a year later I started hearing about the production on the internet and I was distraught. I was worried that they were going to butcher my favorite show. I realized that maybe my excitment was going to become grief.

As I watched the movie I cringed everytime I heard a familiar name pronounced differently, but it didn't bother me after that. I was dissapointed that some of my favorite parts that I thought were important were not in the movie. But at the end I realized that those moments weren't as important as I thought. They theme and statement of the story was presented clearly.

I'm trying to tell you fans who I can sympathize with to sit back and realize that it is the same story that you love without some of the quirky moments you love more. Give it a chance.

Give it a chance.

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