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A different take on the genre

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Oh yes, the Hurt Locker. The movie that won most of the Academy Awards in 2010, and made history of the first female director to win an academy award for best director. The movie is acclaimed by critics, but we movie goers, seen the film for its criticism, however is it worth it?

I can't just say That the Hurt Locker isn't a delight or a classic, or the best military movie ever, but its different from the others. I mean the Hurt Locker is a different take on the lives of soldiers everyday, and everyday when the soldiers wake up, its a life or death situation via they are (EOD).

The Hurt Locker to me was suspenseful as any other thriller, For example, when a bomb is being disarmed the solders are being watched by insurgents, the scene is building up right? so when the scene is at its climax nothing happens. Every scene where the soldiers are out in the field, nothing happens or I wanted more out of it.

To make a long review short the Hurt Locker is a good movie, but falls short on expectations. The acting is incredible thanks to Jeremy Reiner's crazy character, and its one of the best military movies ever, not the best, one of the best. I recommend The Hurt Locker, but don't expect a lot of action.

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