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A Must See

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I see about 5 movies a year, i usually know what im getting ahead of time (action, comedy, chick-flic) I didnt know what to expect when i walked into this but i was happy when i left (which happens about 1 a year). No i dont think Natalie Portman did all her own dancing, yes the cinematography seemed to be lacking in some spots and yes it was a little confusing in some spots. But open your mind, let it go (a theme of the movie). Anyone that could dance Swan Lake wouldnt have time to be an actor and Natalie did an awesome job, i would say her best movie. The cinematography was okay but you really needed 2 directors, 2 visions because it was really 2 movies(if not more) in one and i think the dancing part could have been filmed by a dancing-movie-director. If you're a dancer, over-look the fine points, if you like art, if you like suspence, if you like to think and be'll love it. Have a coffee afterwards because you will feel the ned to talk about this one.

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