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It's the best movie I've ever seen!

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Do you think mother’s love is unconditional? As you watch My Sister’s Keeper, it shows a mother’s love. You might cry about the relationships among the Fitzgerald family. This movie was screen played in 2009 by Jeremy Leven, and it was based on the novel My Sister’s Keeper written by Jodi Picoult. The story takes place in a hospital and in court, where Anna accuses her mom of taking her organs to protect her body. This movie is directed by Nick Cassavetes and Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, and Sofia Vassilieva acted really well. Even though they didn’t get an award, I think this is the best movie I have ever seen.
Kate Fitzgerald has serious cancer. In order to live, she needs some organ which is one hundred percent matching. So her mother Sara Fitzgerald illegally bore a new child Anna Fitzgerald to heal Kate’s cancer. I felt mother’s love from Sara who was willing to do anything for her child even though it was against the law. Anna was genetically engineered, because Anna’s sister Kate needs some Leukocyte, Stem Cells, marrow, and so on. One day, Anna accuses her mom that she will not donate her organs anymore. So Anna hires the lawyer. Therefore, Anna and her mom Sara had a court case about Anna’s organ.
Even though the book and the movie had different endings the movie’s ending was also interesting. My Sister’s Keeper didn’t exactly mimic the book. Most movies that are based on books are extremely similar, but this movie is not. This movie has the same background as the book, but the ending and some rough things are different. Dragonfly’s Movie Review states, “This movie was so unlike the book in so many ways. So the book has a different feeling, but it has the same emotions.” Furthermore, even though the director’s vision is different, he still brought out the same emotions. For example, when I was watching this movie at the theater, some people cried, because it touched their hearts. I usually don’t feel sad when I’m watching a movie, but My Sister’s Keeper was different. I felt so sad and I was almost going to cry. Karl from states, “The movie is BASED on the book and shouldn't exactly mimic the book.” I thought that this movie’s good point is the director didn’t mimic the book. He just used the book’s story as a foundation!

Another reason that I like this movie is the movie director casted actors and actresses well. They acted really hard like bees. Tony Johnson states, “The actors and actresses were touching, the casting was great, it was amazing to see Cameron Diaz play a different role (although they could have casted the mother's part a little better). Very convincing. The twist at the end shocked me so much.” There is one more reason why I compliment about acting. At the middle part of the movie, there was a scene in which Kate didn’t want to go outside, but her mother persuades her to go outside. It’s hard act out persuasion, but they acted really well. Especially, Sara’s haircut was the most active part. Also when they were going outside, they enjoyed playing with each other like a real situation. There are some movies in which stories were pretty good, but the actors and actresses acted stood out from other movies for bad ways, but My Sister’s Keeper’s was different.
My family enjoys watching My Sister’s Keeper because of monologue. In this story, Campbell Alexander (lawyer) is talking by himself so he is explaining Fitzgerald family’s story. Also, My Sister’s Keeper touched my heart. During the crisis of the story, Kate said, "I don’t mind my disease killing me, but it’s killing my family too." I was almost going to cry when I watched the scene.
In conclusion, I prefer to watch this movie because this movie will touch your heart. If you like impressive movies like sad ending story, you might think it’s really admirable. My Sister’s Keeper makes you absorb in the story. So you should watch this movie!!!

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