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Vantage Point

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I would highly recommend this film, Vantage Point, to those who are seeking an action packed movie to watch. Vantage Point is one of the most skillfully and clever written movies to have hit the big screen in a long while. At the surface the plot seems very simple; virtually the same scene is repeated six times. Yet each new perspective of the president-aimed terrorist attacks in Spain adds to the story line, creating a complex scheme which demands the audience’s full attention.
The plot revolves around the president of the United States, played by William Hurt, who is supposed to be making a speech in Spain. A series of action packed scenes then follow which create questions for the audience. The following scenes of the movie reveal the same fifteen minutes of events as the preceding ones, but each new perspective begins to reveal and answer some of the mysteries.
While it may seem repetitive at first, the writers’ way of slowly revealing the outcome of the movie through the eyes of the different characters’ truly makes this movie worthwhile. It is very exciting and interesting to watch the story line unfold through the perspectives of these different individuals without ever having a true main character.

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