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Twilight pisses me off

Reviewed by teambella

First of all I do not like Twilight its for 12 year old girls and fat lonely housewives. I can understand how a lot of teenage girls can relate to Bella because she's a bland pessemist who has nothing going on for her. Well alot of people can relate to that but, really? Who gives a flying flop? Also I hate the the whole Edward vs Jacob fanbase crap. Everyone knew she would choose Edward and she did(surprise!) THATS WHAT THE WHOLE SECOND MOVIE WAS ABOUT! People were saying that the sequels were gonna have great action sequences but they were LAME! Just a bunch of pissed off models power walking in CGI.

My girlfriend liked Twilight but that's forgivable because I love her and I think she realized that it's kinda stinky after she read Stephen King's The Dark Tower series(best story ever!)

Lets's just cut to the chase here (and I appreciate the time you've spent reading this review.) I think that Bella is way too dependent on relationships with supernatural beings who are completely wrong for her(and I dont see what they see in her anyway)(satan and Sadam also come to mind) She should just choose neither of them and just focus on trying to love herself and be a more three-dimensional character with some redeeming quality(pisses me off when there's no redeeming quality in a story)

Anyway I don't like this story and I'm sorry if I pissed you off.

Also stop calling it a saga.

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