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I saw "Push" the day after it was released into theaters which was on Saturday 02/07/09 and to tell you the truth I really like this movie because it reminded me of "Jumper" but with a fantastic four twist.The film is about these three people played by Chris Evans(The first two Fantastic Four films and Street Kings),Dakota Fanning(Man on Fire,Hide and Seek and War of the Worlds) and Camilla Belle(When a Stranger Calls) who have special powers which turn their minds into weapons and they must stop an agent played by Djimon Hounsou(Biker Boyz and Constantine) who wants to use their powers for global domination. This film was amazing and that scene when Dakota Fanning come stunbling in the hotel room drunk is too funny.The action sequences are pretty amazing just like the sequences in "Jumper". All in all,"Push" is a great sci-fi action adventure that should be seen on the big screen.

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