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i hate this movie

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i hate this movie a lot i use to like it but after watching a few times and understanding whats funny or not i started to hate it and i also hate that stupid SOB Adam Sandler he sucks ass and he is a fu@!&en loser and a complete dick head!!!!!>:( and here is why i hate the movie i hate the dog joke its gross and i hate Adam sandler"s character he is a rude nasty little pig that must be made into bacon and i wish adam sandler would get killed by sweeney todd sliting his throat and freddy krueger slicing him with his sharp glove and hades burning him into a crisp and the joker giving him the scars on his face and an alien bursting out of his chest and imhotep will suck him dry place a curse on him and jennifer eating him dr facillier turn him into a frog and tzekel khan offering him to the gods as a sacrifice

and i also hate the effects because they make me sick and i hate the part where he farts in his bosses face its gross and i hate the ending it uses the wizard of oz cliche and they also did that stupid dog joke but this time with two dogs so for those of you who are sick of adam sandler and his horrible acting dogs wrestling stuff animals and rude behavior and cliche endings and stupid and immature jokes about sex and drugs and a universal remote with ugly visual effect avoid that stupid movie at all cost and guest what it was a massive success at the box office god!!!!! they could have easily seen any other movie like cars or the persuit of happyness back in 2006 cuse those are the movies i really love now as a madder of fact avoid all adam sandler movies because he cant act atall and he will never get an Oscar.

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