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True Avatar Fans Beware!

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I must say that if you're an Avatar fan you have 2 choices. Either don't go an see it or go see it and understand that you will walkout upset and wondering who in the hell is Ong. Why make this movie so short is beyond me. How can a film maker with so much talent and resources screw this movie up. Is there anything wrong with having an action movie with a little comedy? If you base it on the Tv show then be true to the show. Don't change crucial parts and characters that will alienate the fans that made the TV show so popular. Whether or not the pronunciation of the names where wrong from the TV show doesn't matter, these are the names that our kids know, love, and recognize. My son was absolutely confused if that was Aang or not. Then after a while of not hearing his favorite characters name he just became disinterested in the movie completely. And he LOVES the TV show. The TV show had comedy, honor, love, drama, suspense, tragedy, romance, heartbreak, action, and betrayal. The only thing this movie had was betrayal to the true fans and the Avatar. I do hope that Book 2: Earth is made. But I hope that the filmmaker will learn from this and make a better movie for the true fans. They deserve it for supporting the TV show over the years.

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