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do you want to know who you are? Dont ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you Thomas Jefferson. Slam, directed by Marc Levin, tells us a motivating and common story of Ray Joshua. He is a gifted young man in Washington DC trapped by societys judgments and by poverty. Ray is unable to find a job except being a street pharmacist. As he faces some adversities in his life such as being behind bars, he still brings a big part of him with him, spoken words.

African Americans are still slaves at that time, they are a slave to poverty and so is Ray. Rays life is defined by society as a drug dealer but he defines himself as a survivor. He is trying to survive on the streets and put food in his stomach no matter what. He also defines himself through rapping, Now is the essence of my domain, because I am what I was and will be, I and always will be that. In the film when he ends up in jail, he needs to choose what gang he is going to be in so they can help him stay alive. But he doesnt want to be a gang member; he wants to be Ray Joshua. One of the gang leaders told him he cant be himself behind bars but Ray showed him he could, You servin' time outside of the penitentiary, doin' exactly what they want you to do: POW! POW! all day. That's the master plan

My favorite part in the movie is when the Lauren, the poetry teacher, comes into the jail and helps the prisoners express the feelings that are locked up inside, You can give birth to an excuse so easily, you will believe it's always been there. I really like what she said because I can connect to it because I dont let myself give excuses, if I do then I will start believing that that is the only way out of difficult situations is through excuses. I can connect a lot to the movie because Ray and I are trying to be ourselves but others dont like it, this is why I am trying top live my life by this saying, Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind Dr. Seuss. The movie sends many message but the most important message is that we should not let others define us only we can. I would highly recommend this movie to someone is looking to find themselves.

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