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ok, so me and all my friends and my mom went to see this movie, thinking it was hillarious and a great movie, well, the first 5 minutes was enough for us. it shows edward undress completely, and his lower area is covered by a crowd and then it zooms in but its covered by a disco ball. then later on, her dad makes a rude remark about his DAUGHTERS breats. he said "look at the size of those tits". then later on edward juggles a baby a bowling ball and an apple, throws the apple back into the bag, then the baby, and then the bowling ball is thrown ONTOP of the baby! how evil is that?! totally not funny. then when edward and becca kiss, she removes her nightgown and has on this black bra and paties that have electronic arrows pointing down, after that we all got up and left, that movie was such a disgrace. i'm a fan of the twilight series but NOT this movie, it shouldnt be rated pg-13. it should be rated MA for mature! no kid or teen mater of fact should be allowed to watch this. i DO NOT recommend this movie for anyone!

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