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Axis and Allies join forces to kick serious noppera butt!

Reviewed by xXHetaliaFanGirlXx

When i first saw the trailers for "Axis Power Hetalia: Paint it, White!" I had a feeling it was going to be a big hit, seeing as how APH is a very popular show and is extremely great!

I ordered my video and have been waiting for weeks, and i finally got to watch it this weekend!

The movie seems a bit confusing and odd at first, but it gets really good later on.

In the movie, the world is being taken over by these strange, white, faceless aliens called "noppera," who are trying to conquer earth and turn everything bland and white, to match what they have on their planet; they think earth is quite weak, and, in the movie, it kind of is, seeing as how everything kind of went quickly.

The movie itself kind of went a bit fast, and they tried to squeeze in bits and pieces from older episodes in there to make it a bit longer. It wasn't terrible that they did, but it seemed a bit odd to just stick them in there randomly. On the other hand though, it did give an amusing break in between each break in the story line.

So, a synopsis of the movie itself:

The pictonians have arrived from deep within space. The freaky aliens are using their crazy beams of light to paint everything o earth, WHITE! see? now the title makes sense, doesn't it? Anyway, if the pictonians are to be stopped, the allied guys and the axis boys - plus some new characters here and there! - must put aside their ongoing troubles with eachother, and unite against their common foe!

The movie was a blast, and i am sure almost every single Hetalia fan will enjoy this movie packed with "ROTFLOL" moments, and for all you China lovers, he gets more attention in this movie. Canada, well, he TRIES to stay visable...!

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