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Mr. & Mrs. Smith are skilled assassins and goes to know true love

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You never know what the real identity of the people around you is. Can you ever know a person�s real identity, even your wife or your husband?? Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a movie that covers all three genres of comedy, romance and action. As you are watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith, you will notice that this movie is breath taking, also being nervous that there are sweats on your hands at the same time. Even though this movie is a cliffhanger, you can just sit back and watch it relaxed. Brad Pitt appears as John Smith, Angelina Jolie as Jane Smith. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt act very naturally in the film, you cannot see lots of differences between them and other real married couples.

The movie starts as Jane (Angelina Jolie) and John (Brad Pitt) are consulting with a marriage counselor together. The storyline is a little bit complicated. Jane (Angelina Jolie) and John (Brad Pitt) first met in Columbia while they were on their missions to eliminate their targets. Then, they become a couple and get married. When Jane and John live in their house, although their conversation is pleasant, it always missing something, and they are talking about useless things. John thinks that Jane is an IT �guru� and Jane thinks that John is a skilled engineer. During the movie, there are some strange parts. John always puts the wedding ring back on in his car before he comes into the house and there is blood on his shirt. They both do not realize that they are living with an assassin until John and Jane both get the same target and meet each other at the same place. After they find out each others� real identity, they try to kill each other. John�s first try to eliminate Jane was to secretly go into Jane�s office. He succeeded going into Jane�s office, but when he saw Jane, he couldn�t shoot her and just let her run away. This shows that he still is in love with her. They both meet up in the Smith house. In the house, they show an incredible style of action, which is also funny, but they succumb into their love and reunite. After reuniting, they go to Eddie (Vince Vaughn), John�s brother who still lives with his mom, and hear from him that the targets of their organization are both of the Smiths. John and Jane become partners to protect each others� lives.

All the actors showed good characteristics of the characters they had to act for. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not look unnatural in the marriage acting. In fact, they looked like real married couples. Vince Vaughn, who acted as Eddie, makes the audiences laugh every scene he is in. Blake Wright of states, �The other laughs came from the ever-faithful Vince Vaughn, who plays Pitt's brother (who is also an 'engineer'). Vaughn is a riot as a 30-something hit-man that still lives with his mother. Vaughn's Eddie steals every scene his is in.�

Although the actors and actresses acted good characteristics for the characteristics they had to act for, I have to say, the storyline was pretty slow and made the audiences a bit disappointed. Long story short, the plot was fairly weak. Here are the reasons for this saying. When the superspies were being chased by the enemy assassins on the car, if the Smiths had such a good shooting skills, they could have just shot the wheels of their enemies� cars. In fact, they played very dumb. They shot the windows even though they knew that the windows were bulletproof. Matthew Parkinson of states, �The plot is also weak, containing few twists or actual plot points. It is there to set up the premise, make one switch around near the end of the film, but nothing more. It takes a back seat to the two lead characters trying to kill one another, and never once tries to actually bring depth to the film.� So I would say that the story writer was a little bit messed up with this part.

Overall, this movie was very impressing to me. It is not easy to fuse the three genres action, comedy and romance. This movie is my all-time favorite. I would give 9 out of 10 for this film, because this movie has given me a great impression and a laugh when I was looking for a good and fun movie to watch.

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