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I'm suing the film industry!

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All started with the black dude living in a upscale penthouse which actually does not belong to him! He is the driver of the family who own the place and went on a 20 day cruise vacation. So, he invited the other dude with a horrible mustache and his partner to LA, just hang out because we have no idea what they went to LA for! A job interview? a pregnancy test? graffiti expo? NOBODY KNOWS!

"Yeah, let's go to the pool and then later, let's ride my 60ft Sunseeker boat"...did you see the boat?

What about that scene where the mustache dude beats the "Japanese Spectraman Movie" monster with a brick and then punches so hard that we can even see the styrofoam with pesto basil flying everywhere...outch!

I can't wait to see "Skyline Two, the nightmare goes on"

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